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  1. until

    Wouza .. how many rooms do we have booked? Do we have "ALL" of them allocated to the IIRA?
  2. until

    Booked an RV Spot and .. .Registered!
  3. I just made a copy of that .. stripped the end off it . I'll sell it to you for $300 ..
  4. But.......he'll never get the certificate
  5. I would try a different browser
  6. Weird... It's an over seas location for the company. Maybe you've got a security firewall of sorts killing the connection Where were you two hiding?
  7. Go here and create a login account https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/ Then go to the store URL https://store.guinnessworldrecords.com/product_info.php?products_id=32 Click on the second one .. " CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION " ... the ADD TO BASKET button Select the DATE ... the 500+ .. the country .. and .. continue.. There you go
  8. until

    R E A D Y !
  9. One of the benefits of staying at the main hotel location, or leveraging the FB Group page ( i know .. I know) .. I was just at another event (military related association) ... didn't stay at the host hotel. I won't make that mistake again with them ... Puts you at the core of everything happening ... and allows one to stay up to date on current info ( ie rides, etc)
  10. Few thoughts on the past weekend.... The Gregory 651 (500+) World Record Parade
  11. Good to see you as well!!!! On the MN / Dipshit subject.. .he's stooping to a new low , his new angle is making it about several riders whom passed to get attendance up.... sad
  12. Making me THIRSTY!
  13. Compilation of INFO Welcome aboard! See you in Hot Springs! https://gregory500.blogspot.com/
  14. 350+ bikes registered.... next goal is 400 ... another week or two I'm guessing. 500/ 600 bikes should be at this event.. Gonna' Rock!
  15. Negative: ARLINGTON Hotel: Here we go! This is the hotel we are rolling into. Rates are from 3-6 October which is when most are rolling in This is ONLY for the IIRA. Please do not distribute outside IIRA. Please do not post on social media outside of the IIRA This event is for ALL Indian Riders BUT this Group Rate / Hotel is ONLY for the IIRA. If you want to stay somewhere else, its your choice of course. BUT..this place is NICE!!!!! Look forward to seeing you at the TRI-STATE in the 'Springs / Gregory's 500+