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  1. I remember when this bike went up for sale awhile back.... remember it being a killer price. I'm still kicking myself I didn't order some of those Zambini Crazy Horse tank emblems when they were selling them
  2. This should be an interesting one. There are multiple facets to this whole thing..... We have an IIRA contingent rolling in. That's reason enough to be there. Secondly, the riding is awesome. Third, it'd be nice to see the existing record get kicked to the wayside. The guy that put that together in '16 and '17 needs to go away.. this will help that. Finally, Rob Gregory in that pic, who has the dealership locally and behind this is a great guy.... worth supporting The existing record is only 274 bikes...but .. amazing how hard it is is get a group together to surpass that. I believe we'll be north of 500 this time around. Interestingly, on the same day, less than 200 miles away in Paris TX, HD is doing an attempt as well.. Me personally .... I wouldn't go there JUST FOR THIS... but ... for the weekend, which will be awesome. Hope to see you there There are other Indian related riding groups going that direction . Would be nice to have a healthy number of IRON INDIANS there....
  3. From the album The Toys...

    Day before I headed north to cover it with bugs
  4. From the album The Toys...

    B'day present from mama
  5. From the album The Toys...

    Fitted 2 up .. soon to change
  6. From the album The Toys...

    Traded an auto for this one...
  7. until

    Just over 2 months to go!
  8. We're alive!
  9. until

    awesome pics!!!!
  10. until

    Looking forward to it! I noticed that Bison has the Indian demo truck there on the 18/19/20 as well...
  11. until

    I'll raise you .... a box of CHEER!
  12. Average day of recruiting for the chapter... weeding 'em out!
  13. I land on that Friday......been planning for twelve months. Work over rules this year:(
  14. I'm JEALOUS!!!!!
  15. There you are! Friggn' great time riding....
  16. I'm going in , with the bourdeax color on my '14 Vintage. Been gathering dust... time to 'fix' the bags, that look like crap since their OEM Indian redye, so to speak. I want to be like Lumbee
  17. Was awesome meeting Brook .. she looks good on that bike, and is a rockstar, representing the IIRA
  18. Impromptu moment... funny how many others wanted in that pic saying " hey .. i'm packing too!" .. lol