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  1. until

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    awesome pics!!!!
  3. until

    Looking forward to it! I noticed that Bison has the Indian demo truck there on the 18/19/20 as well...
  4. until

    I'll raise you .... a box of CHEER!
  5. Average day of recruiting for the chapter... weeding 'em out!
  6. I land on that Friday......been planning for twelve months. Work over rules this year:(
  7. I'm JEALOUS!!!!!
  8. There you are! Friggn' great time riding....
  9. I'm going in , with the bourdeax color on my '14 Vintage. Been gathering dust... time to 'fix' the bags, that look like crap since their OEM Indian redye, so to speak. I want to be like Lumbee
  10. Was awesome meeting Brook .. she looks good on that bike, and is a rockstar, representing the IIRA
  11. Impromptu moment... funny how many others wanted in that pic saying " hey .. i'm packing too!" .. lol