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      Indian Motorcycle of Charlotte News   04/13/2018

      The Iron Indian Riders Association would like to give a huge shout out to Mark Moses and Indian Motorcycle of Charlotte. Americas First and Finest Indian Motorcycle dealership. We look forward supporting Mark in managing what is now " The World’s First, Finest, & Fastest Indian Motorcycle Dealer™. Tim Sutherland from 1901 Customs / Coastal Indian Victory and Lloyd Greer from Lloydz Motorworkz are the new owners. We look forward to a closer relationship with 1901 Customs and Lloydz Motorworkz. Exciting times are in store for Our riders group with regards to custom parts and high performance engines. 
      The Iron Indian Riders formally wish much CONTINUED success to Indian of Charlotte. Your hard work, assistance and support has meant so much to our riders group over the years. Mark Moses has worked tirelessly throughout the years to promote and maintain the positive image of the Indian Motorcycle Community and we are proud to call him our Iron Indian brother. We look forward to maintaining this positive reciprocal relationship with Indian of Charlotte and wish all involved continued success.
      Mark has helped MANY a Gilroy and Kings Mountain rider in keeping our Iron Indian motorcycles on the road, along with ushering us into the Spirit Lake era bikes. Indian Motorcycle of Charlotte has continuously repaired and sourced parts for all modern era Indian Motorcycles.
      With Mark always available to advise, "We don't need no stinking Factory" had much more meaning, other than just a fun tag line.
      His personal touch and no BS approach to information and questions regarding anything Indian Motorcycle is and always will be refreshing and valued.   Congratulations from all of us Mark on your next chapter in modern era Indian Motorcycle lore. 
      #IndianMotorcycleCharlotte Sincerely,
      The Iron Indian Riders Association
      By Riders
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  10. Was awesome meeting Brook .. she looks good on that bike, and is a rockstar, representing the IIRA
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