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  1. There's not much to it actually. The first try it was vibrating back and forth so I had to rob the rubber from my wrist-throttle-thingy and wedge under it. 2nd try was better and I can try to post or get it to you though I was really kind of disappointed in the result.
  2. We were on the 5th floor I think. Downstairs every night hanging out with Judge Bob and/or Ron and others other than the time we went down to the Mexican place with all of you. NOT! I don't know what it is. I've tried at work and at home, nothing.
  3. EVERY DAMN TIME I click on the store link I get "Safari can't open the page blah blah blah blah blah"
  4. Alright, someone pass on how we can obtain our certificate as a participant in the World Record. Thank you!
  5. You say that, BUT.... we DID stay at the Arlington Hotel. And still missed people, rides, gatherings......
  6. Again, GREAT to see everyone! I do wish we could do a better job of getting info out on rides that are going on AFTER arrival. This isn't a IIRA problem only, as I was one of those who donated extra to be in the front of the ATTEMPT but because I don't have FB I had no idea I was supposed to arrive to be lined up at 0630! F THAT! Obviously as I wanted to ride in with my IIRA brothers/sisters, which I did and enjoyed being in the middle of the pack with them. I'm just saying, if it's not an IIRA "sole" event, let's try to get a text or email distro to IIRA members so they will know when/where daily rides will occur so they can plan accordingly. Fodder for future thought for future rallies.
  7. Great to see everyone in Hot Springs and congrats to all 651 who made it happen! Especially to Ray (from Louisiana) who was #275! Oh and guess what?!?!? My wife just pointed out that she saw on FB that the dipshit in MN is already posting to try and get 1000 at bike week in 2020 to try and break 3 records at once. Scalper
  8. Damn, just read this again.
  9. Room booked. Trying to get a special guest to attend as well.
  10. Is there a group code to do the reservation online or do we have to call to get the special IIRA rates?
  11. When is the Blue Ridge Ride this year (2018)? Just curious as I would like to recommend Friday/Saturday June 15/16 (right before Father's Day). Strictly for selfish reasons of course as the Old Town Warrenton Father's Day Car/Bike show is on the 17th of June. We could make a whole weekend of it!