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  1. until

    Always a great time

    Any more information on the Texas reunion 6/20-623? We all booked rooms already. Is there a agenda?
    IIRA Chandler, AZ
    1. Preacher


      I'm not really sure who is in charge of the agenda - probably Rick. I just got the rooms blocked under my MC travel company Touring Adventures so I could get us the best prices. I know people will want to ride the Three Sisters which is RR 337, 336, 335 with lunch probably at The Bent Rim (great food - cold beer). There are also great roads north of where we are staying toward Fredericksburg and the Texas Wine Country. And several small towns in the area with good roads to and around them where we can find more good food and spirits. 

    2. Harleynot
  3. until
    Sand Ridge Resort Lebanon, MO
  4. until
    Our national gathering at Purgatory Resort Purgatory Resort Special Pricing room reservation link If you have questions or need assistance booking your Purgatory Resort vacation, we are here to help. General Inquiries: (970) 247-9000 Reservations: (800) 525-0892 Purgatory Resort #1 Skier Place Durango, CO 81301 Let them know you are with Iron Indians
  5. until
    Join us if you can
  6. Buchanan Virginia Contact Bob Faulkner aka ClanChief
  7. until
    Join our members at Town & Country Motel 573-348-5677 August 27, 2017-September 1, 2017 Osage Beach, MO Lil Jack and Dan Kennedy
  8. Reunion in the Rockies! Iron Horse Inn Durango, CO 970-259-1010 Iron Horse Inn KenB
  9. How can I get a large IIRG patch and a lone wolf chapter rocker?  Thanks


    I received my small patch in the mail with member ship card, but would like the bigger one

    1. SaddleSore


      Ouch........ Thanks for the heads up 


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