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  1. until
    Sand Ridge Resort Lebanon, MO
  2. until
    Our national gathering at Iron Horse Inn 5800 Main Ave Durango, CO 970-259-1010 Let them know you are IIRA
  3. until
    Join us if you can
  4. Buchanan Virginia Contact Bob Faulkner aka ClanChief
  5. until
    Join our members at Town & Country Motel 573-348-5677 August 27, 2017-September 1, 2017 Osage Beach, MO Lil Jack and Dan Kennedy
  6. Reunion in the Rockies! Iron Horse Inn Durango, CO 970-259-1010 Iron Horse Inn KenB
  7. How can I get a large IIRG patch and a lone wolf chapter rocker?  Thanks


    I received my small patch in the mail with member ship card, but would like the bigger one

    1. Eagle


      Good luck getting the large patch. I ordered one almost a month ago and have not received it. The money was taken out instantly and it was stated they had them in stock. Not sure who is responsible for getting the patches sent out.

    2. SaddleSore


      Ouch........ Thanks for the heads up 


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