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  1. Recently got my bike back from Bell County Motoworks of Temple, TX (my Indian Dealer).  While riding the bike to Gregory Polaris of Jacksonville, AR this past June, my 2018 Roadmaster (with less than 6K miles at the time) began making a noise.  The service techs at Gregory Polaris believed it had an exhaust leak.  (see video attached) While my painted pieces were swapped out, they gave it an oil change and tightened the exhaust bolts.  The noise went away temporarily.  Before we got to our next stop in Etowah, TN, the noise returned.  It continued to get louder as we road the Dragon, Foothills Parkway, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The noise would also come and go, but when it returned, it was louder than before.  Upon returning to Texas, I took it to my dealer to have them check it thoroughly.  Long story short - it was found that the oil pump was intermittently failing which caused damage and dispersed metal pieces throughout the motor.  I received a new motor and oil pump under warranty.  My dealer also installed my Indian stage 2 cams, air charger, and tune for the cost of parts only.  I am glad to have it back just in time to add some miles to the new motor and get it ready for our Big Bend Trip Oct 1-4, 2020.




    1. Harleynot


      That's a great paint scheme Jason!

      Thanks for posting about the exhaust leak.

      Most are aware of the constant exhaust bolts needing to be tightened, BUT that's the first I heard of the oil pump issue.

      Much appreciated. 

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