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  1. until

    Dan: Its not hard to post pictures. If you want some help I can walk you through it. 541-942-1173 Bruce
  2. until

    YES lets see some pics
  3. There is what appears to be a real nice set of Chief bags on Ebay. They are asking $550. ,but I have been following them and they have sent me an offer at $400. Might be able to buy them for less.



    1. CrazyHorse124


      These are not the same ones from the other day.

    2. Harleynot


      Thank you CH124 !

  4. Looks like a good time and a great cause.
  5. Got to respect a guy who likes good Bar B Que.

  6. until

    Looks interesting
  7. Great photo. Was this a drone shot, or did someone jump off a building a snap it on the way down?
  8. some really great photos. I gotta get out more.
  9. Yes it has an S&S 124 in it. Have not ridden it much because of a knee problem, but hope to have the knee fixed soon.
  10. I am located in the Eugene Oregon area and would like to hear from other members in the area. 541-465-8174
  11. From the album Crazy Horse 124

    The day I bought the bike from John White. (Ownerof Crazy Horse motorcycle.)