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    Yes, the demo truck straight from Strugis with all the 2018s on it will be at Bison Thunder. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Northwinds has a ride going up to Two Harbors, MN leaving Thursday morning Spending the night doing some riding in the Superior National forest. we'll be back Friday evening. The rest of the week we'll be riding the twisties in Wisconsin and taking in the sights of MN. We plan on riding 200 to 250 miles a day. Should be fun.
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    If anyone one is coming to Minnesota to ride during the week of August 13th through the 20th and want to ride! Stay tuned!!! The Northwinds are putting together some rides. Most likely leaving out of Bison Thunder Motorcycle. There will be a lot to do that week.
  4. I didn't want to wait until August to join