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  1. Hello,

    We have been approved for a Chapter for Phoenix. I co-started a Chapter in Texas and hope to have the same success here. 


  2. Hey Dan,

    I'm trying to finish up a Chapter that I was approved for and don't have an address to send the fees to. Would you please send me that.


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    2. Grumpy
    3. Harleynot


      Arizona Rocks !

      Lots of Iron Indian Rider excitement out there. 

      How's That adjustable Ride Mode working ? 

    4. Grumpy


      I like the ride command. The sport mode makes the bike almost as responsive as the scout my wife had. Not as fast, lol. but just as quick off the line. The gas mileage suffers in standard and sport mode though. In tour mode I'm averaging 41.7 MPG around town, haven't done an extended trip yet. Standard mode is around 38 MPG and sport mode it drops to about 31 MPG.

      I just realized my auto correct changed your name on my original message to you. It should have read Mr. Danford, not Dan. Sorry about that.