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  1. thanks to Rickkcir for the edit... it takes a bunch of time and is much appreciated.. Gregorys Indian 651+ updated video (if prompted for a password use Iira) FYI, I met a guy over this past weekend who said he saw me in Hot Springs Arkansas. He claims he had number 668 and that there was well over 700 based on number of bikes behind him... so the gossip regarding over 100 falling out on the second attempt appears accurate
  2. so that's a great offer since I'm not interested in the gift box set @ $335 Sharing is Caring..... #TheyHateUsCauseTheyAintUS
  3. Yo Scalper.... looks like you are holding out with the goPro video
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    Lil Jack is gonna reveal his custom Indian Challenger at the IIRA Reunion 2020..... be there or be square... USA USA
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    OMG. she's so excited it's now less than 8 months away ! Food prep is underway !
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    come hangout with your fellow riders. Let’s Make some new memories together!
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    ....again, you will not be able to make reservations until Jan. 3rd 2020 * thanks for your patience https://www.sandspringresort.com/
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    Thanks to LilJack , Gateway Chapter and Dan K , Aksarben Chapter for advanced scouting and ride routes.
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    Details to follow. Reservations cannot be made until Jan 3 2020 Please make your plans accordingly. We’ve officially locked the dates down with Sand Spring Resort. The dates listed are intentionally thru the week to allow attendees to use the weekend before and or after for traveling to and from the event. As always there will be riders arriving and or staying on those weekends to hangout with. Rides will be added accordingly. Looking forward to seeing you in June 2020. #HeyFamily
  13. Tri-State In The Springs write up by Rickkcir