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    1st and Last Wuhan Flu Ozark Reunion and Memorial Ride Since we had to postpone the Reunion in Missouri, The Tribal Council asked for permission to piggyback on the Steve Smith Memorial Ride being held in Arkansas. Our request was graciously received and accepted. *I have spoken to the Hotel Owner in Lebanon Missouri. He will hold your reservation at his property until such time as we return as a group or he can refund any held deposit after Memorial Day 2020. ask for Amanda
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    On April 8, 2020, I posted that I had a 2018 Burgundy Metallic Roadmaster and that it was only temporary because I was working with Rob Gregory on a new paint scheme. On June 1, 2020, I got the pieces switched out and it turned out awesome. Here are the before and after images. The paint is Burnished Metallic over Sandstone Metallic (both stock Indian colors) with a little air brushing (feathers on front fenders and trunk lid), painted rear speaker grilles and inner fairing dash. I removed all emblems and added a 10% larger war bonnet and painted badging on the lowers. After leaving Jacksonville, AR, my father (fellow Iron Indian Rider) and I hit the Dragon, Foothills Parkway, Little River Road, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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    Cathy and I are ready to go!
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    Need service on your way to the Reunion?
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    Less than a month away. Hope everyone is geared up to have a good time.