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    just got home from the Smith Family Services in Arkansas... I know you are not a facebook guy..Scalper the family has given permission to put just about any and all pics here on members site. Still a bit too soon for me. I'll try and make that happen in the very near future. Was an amazing show of love and support for Longrider. He will be around in our hearts and minds for a very long time... His brother Wildhorse rode his Spirit Lake Indian on our Tribute Ride as well as in the funeral procession. I'm working on the video of that and will post it here asap
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    The Dip in MN doesn't have the same reputation going for him that the man in Little Rock has.
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    Negative: ARLINGTON Hotel: Here we go! This is the hotel we are rolling into. Rates are from 3-6 October which is when most are rolling in This is ONLY for the IIRA. Please do not distribute outside IIRA. Please do not post on social media outside of the IIRA This event is for ALL Indian Riders BUT this Group Rate / Hotel is ONLY for the IIRA. If you want to stay somewhere else, its your choice of course. BUT..this place is NICE!!!!! Look forward to seeing you at the TRI-STATE in the 'Springs / Gregory's 500+
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    The official Guinness World Record ride “THE GREGORY’S INDIAN 500+” will stage at the Barrett Camp Complex (formerly VFW Post 2278), 2231 E Grand Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901. This is behind the KOA Campground. Please... PLEASE.... P L E A S E register early so as not to add to the mass confusion that may occur with one hundred riders wanting to register at the last minute! Take advantage of early check-in on Friday night! KICK STANDS UP AT 10:30AM, make sure to arrive early to get in the line up of hundreds of bikes. If you prefer to ride amongst your own group in the line-up, make sure you arrive together - bikes will be lined up as they arrive. Find a shady spot, relax, view the custom touches on the bikes and enjoy the building excitement. Coffee and donuts will be available, or roam over to Grandpa’s Griddle at the KOA for breakfast. It is easily within walking distance with paved paths to it behind the Barrett Center, and golf carts will also be shuttling people back and forth. Upon return from the World Record Breaking ride, we will wait for the official count and announcement from the Guinness World Record Representative *The Iron Indians will have a few of our own rides and a couple of top-secret gathering spots! Stay Tuned... GregorysIndian500 blogspot calendar of events official click the link
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    This should be an interesting one. There are multiple facets to this whole thing..... We have an IIRA contingent rolling in. That's reason enough to be there. Secondly, the riding is awesome. Third, it'd be nice to see the existing record get kicked to the wayside. The guy that put that together in '16 and '17 needs to go away.. this will help that. Finally, Rob Gregory in that pic, who has the dealership locally and behind this is a great guy.... worth supporting The existing record is only 274 bikes...but .. amazing how hard it is is get a group together to surpass that. I believe we'll be north of 500 this time around. Interestingly, on the same day, less than 200 miles away in Paris TX, HD is doing an attempt as well.. Me personally .... I wouldn't go there JUST FOR THIS... but ... for the weekend, which will be awesome. Hope to see you there There are other Indian related riding groups going that direction . Would be nice to have a healthy number of IRON INDIANS there....
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    Again, GREAT to see everyone! I do wish we could do a better job of getting info out on rides that are going on AFTER arrival. This isn't a IIRA problem only, as I was one of those who donated extra to be in the front of the ATTEMPT but because I don't have FB I had no idea I was supposed to arrive to be lined up at 0630! F THAT! Obviously as I wanted to ride in with my IIRA brothers/sisters, which I did and enjoyed being in the middle of the pack with them. I'm just saying, if it's not an IIRA "sole" event, let's try to get a text or email distro to IIRA members so they will know when/where daily rides will occur so they can plan accordingly. Fodder for future thought for future rallies.
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    Few thoughts on the past weekend.... The Gregory 651 (500+) World Record Parade
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    Great to see everyone in Hot Springs and congrats to all 651 who made it happen! Especially to Ray (from Louisiana) who was #275! Oh and guess what?!?!? My wife just pointed out that she saw on FB that the dipshit in MN is already posting to try and get 1000 at bike week in 2020 to try and break 3 records at once. Scalper
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    Pre-Parade Staging is at Fat Jacks Oyster Bar. One minute from The Arlington Hotel IIRA HQ and the Gregorys Indian 500 ! We will ride over to the Barrett Camp Complex as a group.... in order to line-up as a group. 7:30 AM
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    Room booked. Trying to get a special guest to attend as well.
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    Tri-State In The Springs write up by Rickkcir
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    Sign me up!