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So ya want to start a chapter

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The purpose of an IIRA chapter is to promote the National membership, the love of Indian motorcycles, it's owner's and enthusiasts, as well as providing a voice for the membership on a National level.

Member's of a chapter do not have to own an Indian motorcycle.

However, they must be member's of "good standing" with the IIRA National Association.

The chapter President must own an Indian.

There is an initial chapter fee of $85.00. The person starting the chapter may pay for this, you can find a sponsor such as a local dealership, repair shop, or business, or the chapter membership can kick in for it. There are annual Chapter fee's as well.

There is an application that can be obtained from the National IIRA or from the Iron Indian Rider's Association web site (

Some chapter's have dues, some do not. This decision is up to the membership of the chapter.

Note: When possible, let any local 1% (Outlaw) Clubs know who you are. Make it clear that you are an association/owner's group, NOT an M/C (motorcycle

club). Be very respectful and understand the 1% hierarchy. It will save you a world of trouble!

To find member's here are some suggestions:

Use the IIRA Member forum, the Public forum, talk to dealerships/repair shops, and you may also obtain a list of Indian owner's from your local Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Keep in mind that not all IIRA member's the Internet.

You need no minimum number of member's to begin a chapter, but, it is advisable to have 3-4 people. You will benefit to have a President, Vice President, Srgt. at Arms and Secretary/Treasurer.

Developing By-Laws on how the chapter is to function, what and how offices are held, and chapter guidelines is advisable but not mandatory. Examples may be obtained from other chapter's who use them.

You may develop your own chapter patch. However, use of the IIRA National Logo is prohibited as well as the use of "rocker's" . Your patch must be approved by the Natiional IIRA Tribal Council. Subimt a photo of your patch to the Council for approval before producing your patch. Note: Chapter patches are to be arm or chest patches only. The Chapter patch is to be worn on the right, IIRA National patch on the left when worn on the front of a vest.

You will also need to supply the IIRA National with a list of your officer's and contact info.

Most chapter's hold monthly meetings and/or get together's. Again, how you do this is up to the chapter membership.

Adherence to the National IIRA By-Laws is a must. Remember, your chapter reflects on all IIRA member's.

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