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  3. Gregorys 500 non facebook link
  4. This just posted on FB .. not sure if you can see it here
  5. I've been quiet on this subject for the most part, focused on Hill Country next month. Then, go into High Gear for this! Bottom line... The Little Rock Indian Motorcycle dealer is sponsoring / driving this event. Historically, on this particular weekend/area, the IOA has a get together... conveniently, it happens to be at the same time. However, myself and quite a few others plan on rolling in wearing our IIRA back patches proudly. Hell, we may be the majority, when the smoke clears. It's a non specific organization event though ( officially ). I'm doing my best to keep this about Indian Motorcycle Riders as a whole; but my focus will be the IIRA More history. Up in MN back in 2015/2016 a record was set for most Indian Motorcycles in a 'parade' . Off the top of my head it was 265, then 274 bikes. That's it. But it's harder than you'd imagine getting that many together for a quick short ride, and then doing all the official bullshit. Gregory Polaris has that headache this year. Next month in Europe they are doing it also, and they have 350 BIKES registered now..... so I'm guessing the new record will be 3-something to beat. I'm pretty sure we can pull it off. Now, a lot of folks will say "that's it? I've seen more. I could get more than that many together" .. I say .. BS. The HD record is only 2404, and that was set almost a decade ago in Greece. Think about that one... with the hundreds of thousands... millions... of HDs in this country .. only 2404? Point being... it's a bitch getting folks to line up and do it right. Now... I wouldn't expect everyone to travel all that way to line up for a 4 mile ride. I wouldn't. I won't. BUT... we're all rolling in for a great weekend of riding in the Hot Springs State Park. Some of the best riding in the country. I've been up there multiple times. We've got a lot of IIRA members that live in the area; Southwinds Chapter is based out of Hot Springs. It's going to be a blast. Hot Springs itself isn't that big... so imagine a weekend with literally HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Indian Motorcycles all over the town... and only a few HDs and Metrics. I like it. Lots of good places there to grab a cold one, good food, entertainment, etc. But .. I've got to be honest.. if this thing explodes and we end up with more than 500 bikes ... how badass would that be? For now, recommend you head to this >>LINK << to sign up. The hotel many of us IIRA folks signed up at is the Clariion being reopened as a Double Tree. We're in a holding pattern to get folks more reservations. Lot of IOA folks are staying at the Best Western; but it's filled up. Like I said, my focus today .. is the IIRA Hill County Reunion.. then ... I'll start giving my info/updates on this event! And that info, will include places to stay, etc, etc, etc ~Rick
  6. @rickkcir @longrider #Gregorys500
  7. How about some more info on this event? Where is it going to be held? Where is a good place to stay? What's for dinner?
  8. I'm always outta town on the 4th
  9. Hollister The 47 Camp ride Gold Country Iron Indians Annual event Corbin and Indian Motorcycle Hollister are lead sponsors #hollisterpowersports Bolado Park Event Center 9000 Airline Hwy Tres Pinos, CA 95075 United States
  10. Hello fellow North Winds Riders, Here is your official invitation/reminder to our May 2019 North Winds Chapter Meeting. When: Saturday May 4, 2019. 10:00AM Where: American Legion Post 47 50 Sibley St Hastings, MN 55033 651-437-2046,-92.9363596,12.17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x87f7c3fbf4a3a827:0x12558f12b465b0d8!8m2!3d44.7452183!4d-92.8515764?hl=en Weatherman says this Saturday is going to be really really nice, so.... This will be an abbreviated and off the “reservation” breakfast meeting, with an mc ride to follow into western Wisconsin, passing through and possible stops in Beldenville, El Paso, Elmwood, Eau Galle, Arkansas, and Stockholm. Please RSVP and I will make seating arraignments as well as a meeting location to possibly ride into Hastings together.. Thanks Gary
  11. All things start with something small... Fast forward to 2018.....
  12. some really great photos. I gotta get out more.
  13. From the album 2nd Annual "Gathering"

    Rumble to the hills of Old Missouri
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    Alrighty then... just made my reservations! Thanks for putting this deal together Tim Neid.
  15. Gotta' tell you .. I thought about it when It came up for sale. Hope you get up to speed soon and get a chance to enjoy it!
  16. Yes it has an S&S 124 in it. Have not ridden it much because of a knee problem, but hope to have the knee fixed soon.
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    I had the exact OPPOSITE experience.... only way I was getting mama there this year.. was to take the RV so had her comfort. I've spoiled this girl a lil too much over the years; the pics from my room didn't do much for her from '18. I'm sure Lebanon Linda had nothing to do with it
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    way to far for that advance planning...but probably yes.... Mrs Harleynot has tricked me the past two years... with her...." I'll drive with you one way " and Fly one-way...statement... that's a LONG way to drive by myself........BOTH DIRECTIONS ...If I was on the #HarleynotEdition ... cross country would be an epic trip... driving that RV for 3 days by myself......not so much fun... #Boring
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    @HARLEYNOT, you all bringing the big ol RV this year? Got my spot down in the backwoods there this year.
  20. Has it been trouble free? Guessing that 124 is pushing serious power?
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