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  3. thanks to Rickkcir for the edit... it takes a bunch of time and is much appreciated.. Gregorys Indian 651+ updated video (if prompted for a password use Iira) FYI, I met a guy over this past weekend who said he saw me in Hot Springs Arkansas. He claims he had number 668 and that there was well over 700 based on number of bikes behind him... so the gossip regarding over 100 falling out on the second attempt appears accurate
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  5. Looks like a good time and a great cause.
  6. so that's a great offer since I'm not interested in the gift box set @ $335 Sharing is Caring..... #TheyHateUsCauseTheyAintUS
  7. I just made a copy of that .. stripped the end off it . I'll sell it to you for $300 ..
  8. But.......he'll never get the certificate
  9. Yo Scalper.... looks like you are holding out with the goPro video
  10. I would try a different browser
  11. We were on the 5th floor I think. Downstairs every night hanging out with Judge Bob and/or Ron and others other than the time we went down to the Mexican place with all of you. NOT! I don't know what it is. I've tried at work and at home, nothing.
  12. too much porn. Al.
  13. Weird... It's an over seas location for the company. Maybe you've got a security firewall of sorts killing the connection Where were you two hiding?
  14. EVERY DAMN TIME I click on the store link I get "Safari can't open the page blah blah blah blah blah"
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    Lil Jack is gonna reveal his custom Indian Challenger at the IIRA Reunion 2020..... be there or be square... USA USA
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  18. Go here and create a login account Then go to the store URL Click on the second one .. " CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION " ... the ADD TO BASKET button Select the DATE ... the 500+ .. the country .. and .. continue.. There you go
  19. Alright, someone pass on how we can obtain our certificate as a participant in the World Record. Thank you!
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    Is it time yet ????
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    This is a wonderful location with all the amenities and miles of great roads. Recommend the breakfast burrito!
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    OMG. she's so excited it's now less than 8 months away ! Food prep is underway !
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  24. Got to respect a guy who likes good Bar B Que.

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    Always a great time
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    Looks interesting
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    R E A D Y !
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