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  3. All things start with something small... Fast forward to 2018.....
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  5. some really great photos. I gotta get out more.
  6. From the album 2nd Annual "Gathering"

    Rumble to the hills of Old Missouri
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    Alrighty then... just made my reservations! Thanks for putting this deal together Tim Neid.
  8. Gotta' tell you .. I thought about it when It came up for sale. Hope you get up to speed soon and get a chance to enjoy it!
  9. Yes it has an S&S 124 in it. Have not ridden it much because of a knee problem, but hope to have the knee fixed soon.
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    I had the exact OPPOSITE experience.... only way I was getting mama there this year.. was to take the RV so had her comfort. I've spoiled this girl a lil too much over the years; the pics from my room didn't do much for her from '18. I'm sure Lebanon Linda had nothing to do with it
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    way to far for that advance planning...but probably yes.... Mrs Harleynot has tricked me the past two years... with her...." I'll drive with you one way " and Fly one-way...statement... that's a LONG way to drive by myself........BOTH DIRECTIONS ...If I was on the #HarleynotEdition ... cross country would be an epic trip... driving that RV for 3 days by myself......not so much fun... #Boring
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    @HARLEYNOT, you all bringing the big ol RV this year? Got my spot down in the backwoods there this year.
  13. Has it been trouble free? Guessing that 124 is pushing serious power?
  14. I remember when this bike went up for sale awhile back.... remember it being a killer price. I'm still kicking myself I didn't order some of those Zambini Crazy Horse tank emblems when they were selling them

    Any more information on the Texas reunion 6/20-623? We all booked rooms already. Is there a agenda?
    IIRA Chandler, AZ
    1. Preacher


      I'm not really sure who is in charge of the agenda - probably Rick. I just got the rooms blocked under my MC travel company Touring Adventures so I could get us the best prices. I know people will want to ride the Three Sisters which is RR 337, 336, 335 with lunch probably at The Bent Rim (great food - cold beer). There are also great roads north of where we are staying toward Fredericksburg and the Texas Wine Country. And several small towns in the area with good roads to and around them where we can find more good food and spirits. 

  16. I am located in the Eugene Oregon area and would like to hear from other members in the area. 541-465-8174
  17. From the album Crazy Horse 124

    The day I bought the bike from John White. (Ownerof Crazy Horse motorcycle.)
  18. This should be an interesting one. There are multiple facets to this whole thing..... We have an IIRA contingent rolling in. That's reason enough to be there. Secondly, the riding is awesome. Third, it'd be nice to see the existing record get kicked to the wayside. The guy that put that together in '16 and '17 needs to go away.. this will help that. Finally, Rob Gregory in that pic, who has the dealership locally and behind this is a great guy.... worth supporting The existing record is only 274 bikes...but .. amazing how hard it is is get a group together to surpass that. I believe we'll be north of 500 this time around. Interestingly, on the same day, less than 200 miles away in Paris TX, HD is doing an attempt as well.. Me personally .... I wouldn't go there JUST FOR THIS... but ... for the weekend, which will be awesome. Hope to see you there There are other Indian related riding groups going that direction . Would be nice to have a healthy number of IRON INDIANS there....
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    Hello fellow North Winds Riders, Rick Dittel and Tim Neid would like to invite you to a Memorial Day weekend (5/25 – 5/26) ride through SE Minnesota and southern Wisconsin on our way to New Glarus. Rough itinerary will be to meet somewhere for breakfast that is able to handle our group on the 25th. Make our way through MN, IA, over to Dubuque and into New Glarus. Once checked in, we will enjoy an evening of dining at a local restaurant and socializing afterwards at the hotel. After a good night’s rest, we will tour some of the local attractions and roads in the area with the last stop of the day being New Glarus Brewing Co. (The home of Spotted Cow) From 3:00 – 5:00 we will enjoy a self-guided tour of the grounds while sipping Spotted Cow or a couple other brews they have tapped. Have dinner at another local place and more evening socializing. Monday morning we will head back to our respective homes. New Glarus Call to reserve your room (608) 527-2138.. was able to block rooms at the Swiss Aire Motel under the name “Indian Riders”. The block will be held until the end of March. Room rates: $100 single Queen. Double Queen or King is $110. Hotel info:
  20. Gregory 500, October 5, 2019, Hot Springs Arkansas
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    Iron Indian Riders “The Gathering”, August 24-29, 2019, Lebanon MO hosted by Gateway and Aksarben Chapters
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