The Iron Indian Riders Association (IIRA) is an international family oriented motorcycle riding association based out of the USA.
-The IIRA is NOT an "MC", "1%" or "outlaw" club.
-The IIRA is a rider run association. We are not a big business and we are not backed by any company inside or outside the motorcycle industry. We are by riders for riders.
-The IIRA and its chapters claim no territory.
-Chapters revolve around riders in the same geographic location and are based on riding styles and fraternal socialization.
-There may be multiple chapters in the same geographic location, this may happen when there are riders who enjoy different types or styles of motorcycle riding.
-No one involved in this association should ever, under any circumstance, misrepresent the IIRA as anything other than a family oriented, motorcycle riding association.
-No one needs a sponsor to join the IIIRA.
-Members are free to end their membership at any time.

The IIRA membership uses the Internet as one of its tools to communicate. The focus of our association is on the enjoyment and fellowship of riding motorcycles. The IIRA is not an internet or FACEBOOK Riders group for motorcycle enthusiasts but a riders association for people who love to ride.
Membership in the Iron Indian Riders Association is for anyone who enjoys riding motorcycles with others in a common association. Our association's policies are very simple.
-Anyone who rides a motorcycle can join.
-All brands of motorcycles are welcomed.
-Members do not have to show up to any association meetings (unless your local Chapter decides as such ). We STRONGLY suggest however, you ride with other Iron Indians a few times to get a feel for the Chapter members in your area and make sure it's a good fit. Our members generally ride a lot. *100 miles on a motorcycle, to one person, may be a quick knees in the breeze to another rider, 100 miles is an all day ride. We get that. Some Chapters may require you to show up a few times a year, but that is up to the Group or Chapter Presidents.
-No tasks for you to perform. Volunteering is encouraged. Want a Iron Indian Gathering or Ride in your area ? Create one. We will help all we can in promoting your Chapter and local events from a National standpoint! That's how this organization was formed. We are a Volunteer based, Grass Roots type of Association.
-No major commitments! You get out of the IIRA what you put into it.
However, we do ask a few things from our members:
-Always ride safe. Use hand signals properly on group rides.
-Do not give the association a bad name.
-Do your best to support your association, its members and chapters. NEW CHAPTERS ARE AWARDED AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE TRIBAL COUNCIL. We ask that you contact us offline with any questions.

IIRA members ride for the thrill and love of riding. Although we are based around the Indian brand of motorcycles, whether you ride a Victory, Harley, Honda, Kawasaki or any other Street Legal motorcycle, you will always be welcome in the IIRA. The cost for membership is $35 for a full membership. A small Breast patch and ID card are included in new member package. Our association large back patch is optional and is available for purchase for $59. Renewal is only $25

The IIRA through its local chapters and individual membership is involved with charity fund raising rides, local and long distance group rides, overnighters and association dinners, association rallies or gatherings, and of course the always popular, destination unknown group rides. We also promote Motorcycle and Public Safety rules, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we be involved in any illegal activities.

Privacy Statement Your confidentiality is important to us. The IIRA is firmly committed to the privacy of its members. The information contained within the member profile you register is solely used to match posted information with other Iron Indian Riders. Your contact information is NEVER released to third parties of any kind. *Information Collection and Use The Iron Indian Riders Association is a Web-based members only forum that directly connects members with each other privately here. The IIRA is the sole owner of the information collected on this website. We will not sell, share or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement. The IIRA will not provide any personally identifying information on individual members to any third party. All member information is kept confidential and will not be released to individuals not affiliated with the Iron Indian Riders Association. Contact information may be used by Chapter Officers (with permission) in order to contact their local members about rides and events. The more information made available on the membership application, the better chance a member has of being kept up to date. If you have an unlisted number, please type "UNL" next to your telephone number. This will then be listed on the roster so that your fellow members are aware.

**Please Note: Either a valid email address and a valid telephone number is required for an application to be processed for the Iron Indian Riders Association. If neither is submitted or the email address or telephone number we receive is found to be false, the application will not be processed. Correct date of birth must be entered (year not required.)