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    I have a ton but don鈥檛 know how to load then on here.
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    @lil Jack @Chip Stone @Rickkcir pics please
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    YES lets see some pics
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    We are in Jacksonville and will be in Russellville tomorrow as soon as the bike is done at Rob鈥檚
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    Those of you already there should post up a few pics 馃え
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    Cathy and I are ready to go!
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    Less than a month away. Hope everyone is geared up to have a good time.
  10. I heard somewheres that today is Sobernot's birthday........................

    Happy Birthday Steve..................



      THANK YOU so much !

      See y'all soon !

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    Need service on your way to the Reunion?
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    It's all of about 67 minutes from the house to the hotel................. I think we might make it................
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    I'm ok if we just fast-forward to this moment in time.
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    Got the bike situation thing figured out?
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    Just spoke to Amanda. We are Booked!
  18. Hi guys mi Special truxthon rat road


  19. Hello Nicola, testing your profile page.聽

    Ciao Nicola, prova la pagina del tuo profilo.
    1. Nicola Pisani

      Nicola Pisani

      聽Hi guys a pleasure to be with you

  20. There is what appears to be a real nice set of Chief bags on Ebay. They are asking $550. ,but I have been following them and they have sent me an offer at $400. Might be able to buy them for less.


    1. CrazyHorse124


      These are not the same ones from the other day.



      Thank you CH124 !

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    Can't get here soon enough!
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    1st and Last Wuhan Flu Ozark Reunion and Memorial Ride Since we had to postpone the Reunion in Missouri, The Tribal Council asked for permission to piggyback on the Steve Smith Memorial Ride being held in Arkansas. Our request was graciously received and accepted. *I have spoken to the Hotel Owner in Lebanon Missouri. He will hold your reservation at his property until such time as we return as a group or he can refund any held deposit after Memorial Day 2020. ask for Amanda
  23. Hello Here鈥檚 a reminder to our 18th Annual North Winds Winter Party... If you are interested in attending please make your lodging reservation. Our Block of rooms will be released this Friday January 17 2020. Please see details below. Thanks GG Here is you official Invitation to our 17th Annual North Winds Winter Party! When: Saturday February 15, 2020 Where: Eau Claire, Wisconsin Lodging: The Oxbow Hotel, 516 Galloway Street, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 715-839-0601,-91.5016093,17.63z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x87f8bd12fd8d2945:0x7c63527b0e8d299b!8m2!3d44.8149534!4d-91.4993857?hl=en A block of guestrooms have been reserved, pricing as follows: Guestrooms: 路 Queen Room in The Flats -- $109.95 + tax 路 King Room in The Flats -- $109.95 + tax 路 Queen Studio in The Main House -- $119.95 + tax (limited available) 路 Queen Suite in The Main House -- $124.95 + tax (limited available) 路 King Suite in The Main House -- $134.95 + tax (limited available) *** Please Note: Rooms in the Flats are pet friendly! *** Please view guestrooms, after making your selection please call the hotel directly at 715-839-0601 and ask for the "North Winds Iron Indians鈥 Block. Dinner: Stella Blues, 306 E. Madison Street, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 715-855-7777,-91.5016093,17.63z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x87f8bd6c95ac0e1b:0x670bccbd4c502799!8m2!3d44.816516!4d-91.5029155?hl=en As per usual arrive early for fellowship, conversation, and sipping of your favorite beverage! Happy Hour 5:00 鈥 7:00 pm at: the Lakley Dinner 7:00 pm at: Stella Blues Breakfast Sunday Morning March 03, 2019, at the Lakely dining room Please email or call me if you have any questions Please email me if you are attending and how many in your party. I need to provide a final count for our dinner reservation. Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!! Thank You and hope to see you there! Gary Groustra 763-464-6538 cell I dare you to click the link: 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 Dangerfields in Shakopee...
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    yes, just no single queen / king rooms left. this place is set up for ....usually two dudes who share a room while trout fishing.. or for families river rafting and canoeing trips....
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    I'm booked. No singles left.
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