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  2. Just got my new license plate on the bike. I wish Texas would allow 6 characters on a MC plate. 


    1. Geewago


      Very few modern Indian riders even know what Hendee has reference to. In fact a lot of them get a foggy look on their face if you mention Gilroy or Kings Mountain.  They figure Gilroy is the name of somebodies dog.  And Kings Mountain is an amusement park.

    2. Jason Ash

      Jason Ash

      Agreed. I showed my plate to one my Indian dealer sales reps and was asked, “What does Hende stand for?”

    3. CrazyHorse124


      I thought Gilroy was the guy in WWII that was everywhere.   "Gilroy was here"    Or was that Kilroy?

  3. I'm excited to get my first order of Iron Indian Riders swag.  Thank you HARLEYNOT for the 3 day shipping!  I'll be sporting one of these shirts for tomorrow's lunch ride.  Those long sleeves will look great under my vest.



  4. Recently got my bike back from Bell County Motoworks of Temple, TX (my Indian Dealer).  While riding the bike to Gregory Polaris of Jacksonville, AR this past June, my 2018 Roadmaster (with less than 6K miles at the time) began making a noise.  The service techs at Gregory Polaris believed it had an exhaust leak.  (see video attached) While my painted pieces were swapped out, they gave it an oil change and tightened the exhaust bolts.  The noise went away temporarily.  Before we got to our next stop in Etowah, TN, the noise returned.  It continued to get louder as we road the Dragon, Foothills Parkway, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The noise would also come and go, but when it returned, it was louder than before.  Upon returning to Texas, I took it to my dealer to have them check it thoroughly.  Long story short - it was found that the oil pump was intermittently failing which caused damage and dispersed metal pieces throughout the motor.  I received a new motor and oil pump under warranty.  My dealer also installed my Indian stage 2 cams, air charger, and tune for the cost of parts only.  I am glad to have it back just in time to add some miles to the new motor and get it ready for our Big Bend Trip Oct 1-4, 2020.




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    2. Jason Ash

      Jason Ash

      Yes sir, that was the first time my dealer has ever dealt with that issue.  I believe that Polaris will be studying my old motor to see what went wrong and how to better detect the problem.  I must say that the Polaris/Indian Extended Warranty is legit.  No fuss, no trouble.  I still had 2 more payments to make on the plan and Polaris took great care of me.

    3. CrazyHorse124


      Jason: I must say that I like your paint better every time I see it. I really like the custom feather emblem on the right side of the engine. Its a nice touch. The fact that this engine has now been out for over 6 years and this has not been reported to be a big problem for owners makes me interested in hearing what they will find and why they think your oil pump failed.  Its good to know that you had a good experience with Polaris.  Enjoy the Ride.

    4. Geewago


      First time I ever heard of an oil pump issue.  And it's odd that when they tightened your manifold bolts and the noise went away for a while.  But sounds like you've got everything squared away now.

  5. On April 8, 2020, I posted that I had a 2018 Burgundy Metallic Roadmaster and that it was only temporary because I was working with Rob Gregory on a new paint scheme.  On June 1, 2020, I got the pieces switched out and it turned out awesome.  Here are the before and after images. The paint is Burnished Metallic over Sandstone Metallic (both stock Indian colors) with a little air brushing (feathers on front fenders and trunk lid), painted rear speaker grilles and inner fairing dash.  I removed all emblems and added a 10% larger war bonnet and painted badging on the lowers. After leaving Jacksonville, AR, my father (fellow Iron Indian Rider) and I hit the Dragon, Foothills Parkway, Little River Road, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.



    1. CrazyHorse124


      Very Nice.  I like it.

  6. until

    Dan: Its not hard to post pictures. If you want some help I can walk you through it. 541-942-1173 Bruce
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    I have a ton but don’t know how to load then on here.
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    @lil Jack @Chip Stone @Rickkcir pics please
  9. until

    YES lets see some pics
  10. until

    We are in Jacksonville and will be in Russellville tomorrow as soon as the bike is done at Rob’s
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    Those of you already there should post up a few pics 🤨
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    Cathy and I are ready to go!
  13. until

    Less than a month away. Hope everyone is geared up to have a good time.
  14. I heard somewheres that today is Sobernot's birthday........................

    Happy Birthday Steve..................



      THANK YOU so much !

      See y'all soon !

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    Need service on your way to the Reunion?
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    It's all of about 67 minutes from the house to the hotel................. I think we might make it................
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    I'm ok if we just fast-forward to this moment in time.
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    Got the bike situation thing figured out?
  21. until

    Just spoke to Amanda. We are Booked!
  22. Hi guys mi Special truxthon rat road



  23. Hello Nicola, testing your profile page. 


    Ciao Nicola, prova la pagina del tuo profilo.
    1. Nicola Pisani

      Nicola Pisani

       Hi guys a pleasure to be with you

  24. There is what appears to be a real nice set of Chief bags on Ebay. They are asking $550. ,but I have been following them and they have sent me an offer at $400. Might be able to buy them for less.



    1. CrazyHorse124


      These are not the same ones from the other day.



      Thank you CH124 !

  25. until

    Can't get here soon enough!
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    1st and Last Wuhan Flu Ozark Reunion and Memorial Ride Since we had to postpone the Reunion in Missouri, The Tribal Council asked for permission to piggyback on the Steve Smith Memorial Ride being held in Arkansas. Our request was graciously received and accepted. *I have spoken to the Hotel Owner in Lebanon Missouri. He will hold your reservation at his property until such time as we return as a group or he can refund any held deposit after Memorial Day 2020. ask for Amanda
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